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The Rising Tide

“The rising tide floats all of the boats”, this is a saying from our elders that reflects InnoNative’s approach to community building. We believe that a healthy and strong community is one that can provide for itself, and that includes the creation of media and the use of technology.



If you would like to put on media and technology skills training in your community, please contact us below and let us know what you would like. We are more than happy to custom tailor workshops to fit your community or organizational needs and can assemble equipment packages. We have curriculum for the following topics:

Introduction to Photography
Introduction to Documentary Filmmaking
Community Video Documentation
Branding for Indigenous Artists and Businesses
Introduction to Web Design
Introduction to Graphic Design
Years Instructing
Communities Visited
Students Supported

Since 2014, we have partnered with organizations and Indigenous groups to facilitate media and technology programming in Indigenous communities across the country. Since 2015, Patrick Shannon (studio head) has  instructed award-winning university level programming for the Northwest ACE, Lake District ACE, Nisga’a ACE, and Haida Owned and Operated programs as created by the University of Victoria. 

Patrick has conducted youth filmmaking workshops in Chesterfield Inlet, Nunavut, and with the Lake Babine Nation of the Burns Lake region; and has also partnered with Our World Language and the Reel2Reel Film Festival to put on youth filmmaking workshops in both Haida Gwaii and Prince George, BC.