Facilitation and Training

Training in technology and media is one of the most important ways to empower rural communities. Since 2013, Patrick has been mentoring youth and traveling around BC and Canada teaching workshops and classes to youth and adults on how to use the web and multimedia to tell stories and create new industries and opportunities that allow us to take control of our own narrative.

  • Workshop Topics

    • Video Production

      • From idea to final produced video, students will learn the entire process from beginning to end. Learn what makes a great story and how to tell it.
    • Graphic Design for Businesses

      • Business owners and staff learn how to refine their brand and the fundamentals of what makes effective design.
    • Graphic Design for Indigenous Artists

      • Artists learn how to use modern tools and software to bring their art into the digital realm, and the best ways to present their work online.
    • Web Design for Groups and Businesses

      • Businesses and organizations get an introduction to how websites are built and hands-on training to developing content that will set them up for success.
    • Photography

      • Students will learn the foundations of photography, best practices, shooting on location/in-studio, and post production (editing).

NorthWest ACE Program / Haida Owned and Operated

Since 2016 Patrick has instructed web and social media classes for the University of Victoria in indigenous communities across BC. The true goal is for everyone in our workshops to have practical takeaways using media and technology that will help them move forward in their careers or businesses.