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“Why Albania?!” Many people back home have asked since I arrived here 2 weeks ago. I can blame it on one thing, getting schlossed with Kibela Nasufi every night in the basement bierstube (German beer house) last October while attending the Salzburg Global Seminar.

Kibela and I had become great friends after just a few days, and she offered for me to come visit her in Tirana (capital city of Albania) – little did she know that I’m the kind of person who will take people up on their invitations 😉.

One of the first people I was introduced to was Vivienne (Vivi), Kibela’s best friend and all-around wonderful person. For weeks we had talked about taking photos one day, but busy schedules stopped us, until one hungover afternoon…

Where I am staying in the centre of Tirana we are quite close to a beautiful lake that Kibela always said that she would take me to, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to check that experience off the list. We had our coffees, our muffins, and once we had fully awoken, I pulled out my camera and beauty and fun unfolded from there.

You can follow Vivi on Instagram @vivienne_pitarka and Kibela @kibelanasufi

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