Daniele in Tuscany

Two years ago in Berlin, I was lucky enough to meet Azzura, a wonderful new friend from the Tuscany region of Italy. We had kept in touch over this period and knew that we would reconnect somewhere in the world, and thankfully it was her home country!

Without an itinerary or plan, I had packed my bag and hopped a plane from Tirana to Pisa for a weekend of fun and new friends. My first day I was taken out to Livorno (on the coast) and was introduced to Daniele, a brilliant and very charming friend of Azzura; after a night out on the town, we had known that a photo shoot was in the cards!

The next day was taken up by some adventures with Olga in Florence, but my last afternoon we made the shoot happen. Daniele had never modelled before, but you definitely could not tell by his H&M style and good looks. Our time was short, but it’s the quality that counts, and I definitely count Daniele as a friend that I will have for a long time!

If you want to follow more of Daniele’s life, you can check him out on Instagram @lumoru_90.

Edra Bala

I love Instagram, it is such a wonderful tool for connecting creatives, and Edra is I’ve of those people that I was so fortunate to meet and collaborate with.

Edra is an accounting student and developing creative currently working on an online lifestyle magazine/blog based out of Tirana. I came across Edra’s work through the copious use of Albanian themed hashtags, right away I noticed her fantastic style and eye for engaging content and I knew that I wanted to shoot with her.

The first stop was a construction barrier that I spotted on one of my first days in Tirana, it was covered with a large canvas covered in tropical plants and animals and I was desperate to do a shoot with it as our backdrop.

We proceeded to walk around the centre of Tirana, stopping at many locations that many people wouldn’t think twice about, but Edra was game for anything and that fun energy resulted in some fabric photographs!

You can follow more of Edra’s work on her Instagram @edra.bala