PSA Video Contest!

Youth of Haida Gwaii: it’s time to get creative and protect our communities!

If you’re an island youth age 10-25, you can win some awesome prizes for creating a short video 2 minutes or less reminding folks about safety guidelines during this Pandemic

Over $2000 in prizes, including cash, gift cards and 2 DJI Pocket Cameras!

Deadline is Friday, April 24th at 1pm

All Video Submissions

Winners listed at bottom of page

Ailish Bouwman
Ainsley Duke
Anneke Rigg Denooji and Seth Potter
Elim & Sita Sly-Hooton
Grace, Destiny, Harmony, Kaleb and Malakai
Greta Romas
Hailee Paquette
Isaac Smith
Jaydn Paquette
Katie and Stella
Lakye Collinson
Maggie Borrowman
Nathaniel Oliver White
Nicholas Smith
Paisley Nelson
Riley Duke
Tymeko Collinson
Zoey Collinson
Zaya and Solas

The winners

Most Popular (based on likes and shares)

Jaydn Paquette

winning $300 cash

Under 15

Katie and Stella Sinkins

winning $100 cash

Most Informative

Nicholas Smith

winning $300 cash + $50 gift voucher

Slickest Looking

Elim and Sita Sly-Hooton

winning a DJI Osmo Pocket Camera and $100 cash

Most Creative

Greta Romas

winning a DJI Osmo Pocket Camera and $100 cash

Contest info and rules

We have all been doing our bit to #StayHomeSaveLives to protect our communities from COVID-19 however we can’t stop now. As a community, we must continue to act to minimise the impact of COVID-19. Get involved to get this message out there for a chance to win some prizes!

How To Enter

- Create a video 2 minutes or less

- Upload your video to Facebook or Instagram with a title for your PSA

- Tag:
InnoNative and The Village of Queen Charlotte on Facebook

or @villageofqueencharlotte and @innonative on Instagram

- Use the hashtag: #HangTightHaidaGwaii

Entry Requirements

The competition is open to anyone aged 10-25 who are living on Haida Gwaii

Please adhere to physical distancing guidelines when making the video

There is a limit of 1 video entry per person

The deadline is Friday April 24 at 1pm

Winners will be announced at 4pm on Friday April 24

Winners will be published and announced on the The VIllage of Queen Charlotte Facebook + website, and the HangTightHaidaGwaii webpage

Video requirements

You have full creative freedom on your video: be it a comedy skit, a dance, music video, photo magic, etc.

We just ask that the PSA includes at least 2 of the following points:

HANDWASHING: the importance of washing your hands properly (20 seconds)

PHYSICAL DISTANCING: we must stay 6 feet (two arms length) apart from people outside of our household

KEEPING CONNECTED: we can’t start meeting in groups/house parties but what can we do instead: zoom parties, drive by parties, think of activities for self-isolation.


We have the following prizes up for grabs:

2x DJI Osmo Pocket Cameras

$900 in cash prizes

2x $50 gift vouchers for Haida Gwaii businesses.

There will be a prizes in the following categories:

- Under 15
- Most creative (judged by InnoNative)
- Slickest looking (judged by InnoNative)
- Most popular (based on likes and shares)
- Most informative

This contest is a partnership and collaboration between:

  • InnoNative
  • The Village of Queen Charlotte
  • TakingITGlobal
  • and #RisingYouth

With many prizes contributed by TakingITGlobal and #RisingYouth

Got more creative ideas to bring to life?

Be sure to apply to the #RisingYouth grant, which allows any individual 13-30 to apply for an easy one-off grant to support their creativity, check out their website