Haida Gwaii Youth Assembly 2019

This year marked 6 years since moving back home to Haida Gwaii, and in that time I have been so honoured to lead Team Media at every year’s Haida Gwaii Youth Assembly.

The youth assembly is a 3 day event that brings together youth from all across Haida Gwaii to learn about governance through the Council of the Haida Nation. It’s one of the most powerful youth initiatives that I have witnessed anywhere in the world and my team work tirelessly every assembly to document and create a short documentary and music video that is screened by the end of the event.

This year’s media team was the largest we’ve ever had, a whopping 8 youth and two mentors (including myself) took charge of running the event’s social media, photographing the event, and filming everything that went on!

Our team rocked it hard this year (and every year), this year’s members were:

  • . Jacey Rae Pollard
  • Isaac Bowey
  • Forest Michaeloff
  • Olivia Wilson
  • Camellia Brennan
  • Kaleigh Goetzinger
  • Nicola Marsden
  • Maggie Borrowman
  • And fellow mentor Lolus Brianna Julian

MC NITE SUN – One’s Place

[vc_video link=”https://youtu.be/pa1t6hqvAJw”]

I’m so honoured to share a music video that I shot with Tipiskâw Pîsim (A.K.A MC NITE SUN) last summer in Treaty 7 Territory just West of what is now known as Calgary, AB.

I absolutely love Tipiskâw Pîsim’s work and honoured to have been able to do this collaboration; this song really speaks to the need for all of us to be better to women and mother Earth, for we are nothing without them.

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Alexis and Logan – Where Do We Go?

On a brisk December morning on the beaches of Haida Gwaii, Alexis Koome and Logan Thackray shared beautiful words and music about the lands and islands that we call home.

Directed and Edited by Nang K’uulas (Patrick Shannon)
Camera Operators: Alexandre Chavanne-Wallace and Elim Sly-Hooton
Audio Recording: Lo’lus Brianna-Rose

Behind the Scenes

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Voguing with Mix Mix & José Xtravaganza

My good friend Ashley “Colours” Perez, an amazing dancer that’s a part of the Mix Mix Dance Collective, invited me to come film a brilliant week of workshops put on by legendary vogue dancer José Gutierrez, also known as Father José Xtravaganza.

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Edra Deux

I’m not sure why, but we felt very French today…

Edra and I had met up again for one last photoshoot before I leave Albania on Sunday and per usual it was a fun romp around the centre of Tirana. This time Edra’s wardrobe had two very fun pieces, a sheep’s hair vest and a striking red coat which felt straight out of the movie Paris Je T’aime.

Mix Mix Lipstique Trailer

During my 2 months in Toronto, I was introduced to Ashley Colours Perez, a fantastic dancer who is also part of the MixMix Dance Collective. After a hot cup of coffee on a cold Canadian afternoon, the seed was planted to shoot something together. A few weeks later MixMix invited me to their rehearsal space in North Toronto to film a portion of their recent show LIPSTIQUE.

[vc_video link=’https://youtu.be/92zB6RWRuZU’]

The full video itself won’t be released online, but there is a trailer to share!

Special thanks to Pete Moore who assisted on the initial cut of this trailer.

Haida Gwaii Youth Assembly 2017

The Haida Gwaii Youth Assembly is an amazing event that happens every year where settler and Haida youth from across Haida Gwaii come together to learn about the governance of the Haida Nation, and complete in a series of challenges to grow, laugh, and build relationships that will last a lifetime.

This is our 5th year and I was asked to come back again to lead the youth media team in creating a short documentary that highlights a 3-day event, and a fun music video. Our media team are comprised of talented teenagers that work tirelessly over the weekend to produce videos that will be looked back on for years.

Gathering Our Nations Documentary

At the end of August, the bi-annual Gathering Our Nations suicide prevention cultural camp took place again at the Hiellen Longhouse campground on the North end of Haida Gwaii; an absolutely amazing weekend full of connections, food, and friendships that will last a lifetime.

I was brought in by organizer Harmony Williams to create a short documentary that hopefully can capture just a small taste of the magic and inspire others who may want to put on their own events elsewhere.

[vc_video link=’https://youtu.be/eTWXWoKz5ps’]


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Virtual Totems Documentary

Earlier this week I was contacted by filmmaker Helen Haig-Brown to come on board to help shoot a series of interviews with Haida carvers Jaalen Edenshaw and Guujaaw as they talk about the significance of Haida poles.

The project was commissioned by the Royal Museum of British Columbia to help educate people on the history and context of Haida poles that are showcased, but have very little information about.

The first day focused on Jaalen Edenshaw in his carving shed up in Masset.

The second day took up down to the ancestral village of Ḵ’uuna Llnagaay (Skedans), a Haida Heritage Site, where Guujaaw (Gidansda) chief of that village told the history of the village to a fellow young clan member.

Terri-Lynn Supernatural Beings Music Videos

Over the past year I have been so very fortunate to work with the immensely talented and driven Terri-Lynn William Davidson, who not only is one of the most accomplished indigenous lawyers in Canada, but also an amazing artist.

We came together to shoot several music videos through the fall of 2016 and summer of 2017 for her latest album “Grizzlybear Town”.

Below are just a few behind the scenes stills from several of the videos where Terri-Lynn is depicting the historical female supernatural beings of Haida Gwaii.

Landslide Woman


Foam Woman


Bill, Claire, and Terri-Lynn

Phalon in San Francisco

While staying in San Francisco I made an amazing new friend named Phalon who is a makeup artist and all-round fantastic person. One nice evening we decided to go out with my camera for a shoot, no plan or idea, just a fun shoot.

We ended up having a wonderful conversation about the impacts of stigma relating to homeless and queer communities of San Francisco, both of which Phalon had been a part of. I cut together a short selection of our evening into a music video featuring the song “Buddhaveli” by Nitty Scott, and a few clips that I want to eventually turn into a short documentary.



The Biebs

The beginnings of a documentary, gonna have to back down South to finish it!


SKG Saints NO DAPL Video

Erica Ryan-Gagne is a brilliant and strong Haida entrepreneur, mother, and basketball coach in Skidegate, BC. Another big part of Erica is her activism work and recent travels to the Standing Rock Indian Reservation in protest of the Dakota Access Pipeline.

In November Erica contacted me to shoot a video with her Skidegate JR. Saints in support of water protectors in South Dakota.


Our World Youth Film Workshop

Our World is a non-profit organization that travels to rural communities across Canada, guiding youth in telling their own stories that celebrate indigenous culture, language, and life through film.

I was brought on as a youth mentor by project head Lisa Nielsen to join her in a two-week workshop at Gidgalang Ḵuuyas Naay, the high school in Queen Charlotte. We had such an amazing group of youth, some of which I have been mentoring in film and photography for several years, so we ended up goofing around quite a bit.