Darla Contois in Toronto

I met Darla over a year ago during the 2017 Young Entrepreneur Symposium, she is a fantastic actor based out of Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Darla was passing through Toronto and we took the opportunity to catch up over brunch and take a few fun snaps as we walked through Kensington Market and down Spadina.

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Voguing with Mix Mix & José Xtravaganza

My good friend Ashley “Colours” Perez, an amazing dancer that’s a part of the Mix Mix Dance Collective, invited me to come film a brilliant week of workshops put on by legendary vogue dancer José Gutierrez, also known as Father José Xtravaganza.

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Moe Clark à Montréal

My first introduction to Montréal occurred in 2013 and that is when I met the amazing Cree/Métis performer Moe Clark.

I had chatted with Moe in the past about potential collaborations, and after a brief reunion in Vancouver for the 2018 Verses Festival of Words, I knew for a fact that I had to come back to Montréal to see Moe.

My first day was jam-packed, right off the train and into my first shoot documenting performances at the Sisters in Motion event in the Mile End, followed by attending the Tomson Highway opera, which Moe was performing in. I was unprepared for how amazing this evening was going to be, I had never been to an opera before, and to have the Montréal Symphony Orchestra accompany an opera performed in both Cree and Inuktitut was just brilliant.

The rest of the week includes meeting many amazing people and shooting photos and band promo videos. My time here is coming to an end and by tomorrow I’ll be back in Toronto, but I am definitely moving here soon!

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Hullabaloo 2018

Hullaballoo is an amazing 3-day event that happens every year on unceded Coast Salish territory (Vancouver) and brings together 16 high school poetry teams from across the lower province to compete and celebrate youth poetry.

I’ve been so fortunate for many many years to come in, brand the festival, and photograph every performance.

These young people are amazing, and if you ever get the chance, do not miss out on next year’s event.


Below are some select photos from this year’s event.

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Mix Mix Lipstique Trailer

During my 2 months in Toronto, I was introduced to Ashley Colours Perez, a fantastic dancer who is also part of the MixMix Dance Collective. After a hot cup of coffee on a cold Canadian afternoon, the seed was planted to shoot something together. A few weeks later MixMix invited me to their rehearsal space in North Toronto to film a portion of their recent show LIPSTIQUE.

[vc_video link=’https://youtu.be/92zB6RWRuZU’]

The full video itself won’t be released online, but there is a trailer to share!

Special thanks to Pete Moore who assisted on the initial cut of this trailer.

Ellena Neel Indigenous Fashion Line

I was so fortunate While passing through Vancouver to be contacted by my good friend and powerhouse indigenous fashion hero Joleen Mitton. She was organizing a private show featuring the new clothing line by designer Ellena Neel @ellenaneel.

Ellena’s beautiful and diverse clothing line was complemented by the stunning and talented indigenous models Gillian Thomson, Cody Kearsley, Alexis Battle, Monday Blues, and Ellena herself, with MUA Alyssia Requena.

Westin Bayshore Photo Shoot

Behind The Scenes

Fashion Walk