Andre Chapatte A.K.A. Zachary Airhorn in Brussels

In 2012 I was dating a barista in East Vancouver, long story short it did not work out, but I did make a wonderful friend (who was also dating a barista at the same café) and we ended up commiserating over our relationships – fast forward 6 years and we finally meet up again, and many conversations revolved around her brother who was (in my eyes) a brilliant artist that I knew I had to meet.

I’m in Amsterdam now, waiting one week to fly back to Canada, and guess what, the brother (Andre) just happened to be living in Brussels, Belgium. Within a few hours we had met up for the first time and had become such fast friends – in just one afternoon we had created a music video and this photo series.

Andre started out as a cartoonist but transitioned into a physical performance and musical artist that really pushes the boundaries of his mediums and society as a whole.

Andre’s music persona is Zachary Airhorn, and he is as beautifully weird and transcendent as you might expect with a name like that. You can often tell a person’s character by the quality of people that they surround themselves with, and Andre’s crew is amongst the most loving and wonderful souls that I have had the pleasure to meet on my adventures; thankfully I was able to take photos with many of them as well.

Oh, and Brussels is so dope. Belgium is like a better and friendlier France, just sayin’ 😉