My friend Kibela had told me so many stories about Ani, which had me very excited when we finally met after a few days of me arriving in Tirana. Right away I could feel the love and kind energy that she put out into the world. Ani’s look reminded me of a classic French model, so classic yet unique. Kibela had stated right away that the both of us MUST do a photo shoot, and a couple of weeks later it finally happened.

I had just come off of another wonderful photo shoot that afternoon and was definitely feeling tired, but we decided to give it a go anyways and the results speak for themselves. Ani approached the shoot like a seasoned professional, but with zero prevention and a willingness to try anything. Even though our shoot lasted less than two hours I am so happy with the number of quality images that we were able to capture together!

If you would like to see more of Ani, you can follow her on Instagram @anima8891

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