Haida Gwaii Youth Assembly 2019

This year marked 6 years since moving back home to Haida Gwaii, and in that time I have been so honoured to lead Team Media at every year’s Haida Gwaii Youth Assembly.

The youth assembly is a 3 day event that brings together youth from all across Haida Gwaii to learn about governance through the Council of the Haida Nation. It’s one of the most powerful youth initiatives that I have witnessed anywhere in the world and my team work tirelessly every assembly to document and create a short documentary and music video that is screened by the end of the event.

This year’s media team was the largest we’ve ever had, a whopping 8 youth and two mentors (including myself) took charge of running the event’s social media, photographing the event, and filming everything that went on!

Our team rocked it hard this year (and every year), this year’s members were:

  • . Jacey Rae Pollard
  • Isaac Bowey
  • Forest Michaeloff
  • Olivia Wilson
  • Camellia Brennan
  • Kaleigh Goetzinger
  • Nicola Marsden
  • Maggie Borrowman
  • And fellow mentor Lolus Brianna Julian