Hullabaloo 2018

Hullaballoo is an amazing 3-day event that happens every year on unceded Coast Salish territory (Vancouver) and brings together 16 high school poetry teams from across the lower province to compete and celebrate youth poetry.

I’ve been so fortunate for many many years to come in, brand the festival, and photograph every performance.

These young people are amazing, and if you ever get the chance, do not miss out on next year’s event.


Below are some select photos from this year’s event.

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Andre Chapatte A.K.A. Zachary Airhorn in Brussels

In 2012 I was dating a barista in East Vancouver, long story short it did not work out, but I did make a wonderful friend (who was also dating a barista at the same café) and we ended up commiserating over our relationships – fast forward 6 years and we finally meet up again, and many conversations revolved around her brother who was (in my eyes) a brilliant artist that I knew I had to meet.

I’m in Amsterdam now, waiting one week to fly back to Canada, and guess what, the brother (Andre) just happened to be living in Brussels, Belgium. Within a few hours we had met up for the first time and had become such fast friends – in just one afternoon we had created a music video and this photo series.

Andre started out as a cartoonist but transitioned into a physical performance and musical artist that really pushes the boundaries of his mediums and society as a whole.

Andre’s music persona is Zachary Airhorn, and he is as beautifully weird and transcendent as you might expect with a name like that. You can often tell a person’s character by the quality of people that they surround themselves with, and Andre’s crew is amongst the most loving and wonderful souls that I have had the pleasure to meet on my adventures; thankfully I was able to take photos with many of them as well.

Oh, and Brussels is so dope. Belgium is like a better and friendlier France, just sayin’ 😉 


Winnie and Renzo in Amsterdam

I am from Haida Gwaii, a small chain of islands in the North Pacific off the coast of Canada and despite the distance I am still able to bump my neighbours around the word; this time it was one of my most favourite people Winnie Tsai, who had just come off of a few-weeks adventure through Egypt. Turns out we were both en route back to Canada and had a bit of overlap in Amsterdam, so we did what any reasonable young person would do, buy ridiculous outfits from H&M and do a photo shoot in the Netherlands.

While in Egypt Winnie had met Renzo, a very handsome Dutch boi from Rotterdam, and after a yummy breakfast went for a romp around town as first-time models.

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