Our stories can change the world, let’s make sure that all our voices are heard

Patrick  leads the InnoNative film production team which specializes in documentaries, short scripted films, music videos, and promotional pieces.


With a decade of experience in the Vancouver film industry, Patrick has worked on over 100 film & television productions both behind and in front of the camera. In 2010 Patrick shifted his focus from big budget Hollywood productions to his own smaller scale films and music videos.


One of the first big breaks for Patrick was when he and the production team at Hockeygods began producing hockey-themed music video parodies in 2011; and very

quickly were getting international attention for the videos, being featured on CTV, CBC, The Globe & Mail, Sports Illustrated, and many others.


These days Patrick operates InnoNative, a multimedia creative studio based out of Haida Gwaii, BC. The media production team at InnoNative have produced over a dozen short documentaries and films that have primarily focused on the modern-day indigenous experience.

Music In Video

Music videos have always been a special medium able to tell multiple stories at once through both song and video. Patrick has directed over 20 music videos since 2010 and plans to move into collaborations with many amazing indigenous musicians from across Turtle Island.


Documentaries have a great power to change and community, ignite a cause, and inspire everyone who watches. This mindset has stayed front and centre as Patrick and the InnoNative team have created over a dozen short documentaries since 2014, many of which were shot and produced by local youth as a way to have their voices finally heard.