Nang Ḵ’uulas
Patrick Shannon

An artist and storyteller of Haida ancestry, specializing in filmmaking, photography and graphic design to celebrate, inform, and tackle important issues both urban and rural.

Inspired by his cultural upbringing, Patrick endeavours to use technology and media to empower locals in addressing the social & cultural issues within Canada’s indigenous communities. He has a decade of experience working within the Vancouver film, television and design industries, and currently operates a multimedia creative studio based out of Haida Gwaii, BC.

Patrick also goes by his Haida name Nang Ḵ’uulas, which means “the boss”, a very fitting name gifted by his grandmother and clan matriarch Thelma Shannon in 2007.

Patrick finds his passion in discovering new ways to strengthen his Haida culture as well as others in the face of colonization, this often comes in the form of storytelling through film and media. This passion continues into his work with youth as Patrick has mentored dozens of indigenous and settler youth in filmmaking, and continues to provide many opportunities for youth to get experience in film.

Young Cultural Innovator

In 2017, Patrick was Selected as one of the top 50 Young Cultural Innovators in the world to attend the Salzburg Global Forum in Salzburg, Austria

Young Entrepreneur of the Year

In 2015, the BC Aboriginal Business Awards selected Patrick as Young Entrepreneur of the Year for his business EVIL Patrick by Design

Social Innovation Finalist

In 2014, Futurpreneur Canada selected Patrick’s social enterprise Project Regen as a finalist for the Thrive North Business Challenge

Top Emerging Innovator

In 2013, Patrick was selected as one of the Top 15 Emerging Innovators in Canada by Ashoka Changemakers for the social enterprise Project Gwaii

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